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Physical Inventory and Cycle Counting
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Minimum System Requirements


Operating System: 

Windows XP Pro

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8


Processor Speed:

Minimum: 1.0 GHz

Recommended: 2.0 GHz or faster



Minimum: 512 MB

Recommended: 1 GB


Disk Space:

1 GB available hard drive space


CD/DVD Drive


VGA or higher resolution monitor


Report Printer support:

Any Windows printer:

Dot Matrix


Ink Jet


Label Printer support:

All Intermec printers

All Zebra printers

All Datamax printers


Portables supported:

Any hand held device running Microsoft Windows Mobile or Windows CE


Supported models include but are not limited to the following:


Intermec 2410 Intermec 2415 Intermec 2420
Intermec 2425 Intermec 2430 Intermec 2435
Intermec 2455 Intermec 2480 Intermec 2481
Intermec 2485 Intermec 2486 Intermec CN2
Intermec CN2B Intermec CN3 Intermec CN3e
Intermec CN4 Intermec CN4e Intermec CN30
Intermec CN50 Intermec CV30 Intermec CV60
Intermec CK3 Intermec CK30 Intermec CK31
Intermec CK31ex Intermec CK60 Intermec CK61
Intermec CK70 Intermec CK71 Intermec CN70
Intermec CK70e Intermec CS40 Intermec CK3X
Symbol 2700 Symbol 2800 Symbol 8800
Symbol MC35 Symbol MC55 Symbol MC70
Symbol MC1000 Symbol MC3000 Symbol MC9090G
Symbol WT4000 Symbol VC5090 Symbol VC6096
Motorola ES400 Motorola MC2100 Motorola MC3100
Motorola MC45 Motorola MC55A0 Motorola MC55A0-HC
Motorola MC55N0 Motorola MC65 Motorola MC67
Motorola MC75A0-HC Motorola MC9090-Z Motorola MC95K
Motorola MC9190G

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